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God's Megaphone: A Visit with CS Lewis
Charles Bender Performing Arts Center

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Universally acknowledged as one of the 20th century's most important and inspirational Christian thinkers, C.S. Lewis remains, nearly 60 years after his death, a towering figure in the lives of millions of believers. His writings include true classics that span the styles of adult fiction, satire, children's literature, and Christian theology and apologetics. His works continue to sell millions of copies each year, and his powerful influence continues to inspire and encourage believers of every denomination.


Acclaimed, award-winning theatre artist Steven Fenley portrays the Cambridge don and best-selling author in God's Megaphone: A Visit with C.S.Lewis, a theatrical event that brings this legendary Christian apologist to life with all of his intellect, warmth, wisdom, and humor intact.  Using material from Lewis' own writings, his extensive correspondence, and excerpts from dramatic texts illuminating his life, God's Megaphone traces his life from best-selling author, to harbinger of WWII's resistance of evil, to loving husband and inspirational leader.


Whether audiences are familiar with Lewis' works or are encountering this astonishing and prophetic mind for the very first time, God's Megaphone will thrill, delight, inspire,  and lead to an enriched understanding of faith.


What the Critics Say:

" Steven Fenley's commanding, subtle portrayal grabs us by the throat and never lets go."                                                                                                                                      - Houston Chronicle

" Fenley's a quiet revelation as Lewis... It's not a showy performance, but, my, it is deep and true."                                                                                           

         - Houston Press

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